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Status Sport provides digital cloud-based coaching tools for sports. Our technology captures game day data, per-quarter, per-half, per-game and for each season and across the life of a team and an athlete.

Status Sport

Our unique technology is suitable for the youngest teams right up to the professional level.

Our focus is on measurement of time – in position, bench and injury – but the system will allow for the live collection and dissemination of stats – team and individual.

After developing technology for Australia Rules Football ( we have used our platform to recently release

Our Netball Statistics platform sits on a talent identification system that will be released in 2021.

In 2019, we had 1,200 teams using Interchanger and after a soft launch, 150 teams are using Netball Statistics.

Our revolutionary technology allows data input from multiple devices via our STATUS SPORT app.

Similar systems for Field Hockey, Football (Soccer) and Rugby (League and Union) have been scoped.

We have also recently released STATUS LIVE; an app that enables teams, clubs and leagues to relay their match data live, aggregate an audience and commercialise their own data. League, Club and Team sponsors can be displayed while the score and stats are relayed live.

Our most exciting new project will be the development of a generic app for all sports – FAIR GAME TIME – using our knowledge from Australian football and netball too cater for any sport that requires bench time.

Status Sport is committed to the notion of KEEPING KIDS IN THE GAME – via FAIR GAME TIME.

Fair Game Time

Kids drop out of sport for a range of reasons; research indicates that a major factor is FAIR GAME TIME. The international research, anecdotal evidence and the experience of the Status Sport team clearly indicates that the children who spend too much time on the bench drop out of sport. In a world where an obesity epidemic is an increasing health and economic challenge, sport can play a vital role in ‘keeping kids in the game” and improving their physical and mental well being.

Sports spend millions of dollars marketing to potential new participants, while losing up to 30% each year.

The outcome is disenfranchised parents, alienated children as well as frustrated and harangued coaches and administrators.

Happy Parents & Engaged Children

Sport must adopt strategies that enable equal game time for all participants, no matter if they are involved in their first year of grassroots sport or involved in talent development programs.

Coaches who fail to play certain participants (often due to a win at all costs mentality) must be held to account by parents, the club, the league and the governing body.

There is simply no place in youth sports for coaches that fail to provide a fair and equitable environment for all participants.

Benefits: Keeping kids in the game

The use of technology in elite sport has made a huge impact on the way many sports are played. Status Sport builds easy-to-use cloud-based apps that allow community clubs and coaches to manage their players and statistics just like the pros, at an affordable price.

Our revolutionary technology is based on ten years of experience across ten of Australia’s major AFL clubs, over 25 state league clubs, and over 1000 community teams.

The technology is designed so that the data can be pushed to other platforms and websites.

Using the Status Sport platform enables sports administrators to implement and monitor policy for FAIR GAME TIME for hundreds of teams via our cloud-based systems.

Available Apps

Netball Statistics
Interchanger Australian Rules Football

In Development

Apps Coming Soon

Try out Interchanger Australian Rules Football app and our Netball Statistics app to measure playing time and create your own individual and team stats. Contact us if you require any assistance.